Wright takes down knee website after Stryker suit

Wright Medical ($WMGI) has taken down a website promoting its knee implants after Stryker ($SYK) sued for copyright infringement, claiming Wright's page was designed to trade on its brand.

According to Who.is records, Stryker registered GetAroundKnee.com in October 2011, advertising its knee replacement devices directly to consumers. Wright then registered Get-A-Round-Knee.com in July, using the site to promote its products and leading Stryker to file an infringement suit last month, Harris Martin reports.

A federal judge issued a preliminary finding in Stryker's favor, and now that Wright has taken down its site, the spat is likely to be resolved without further court action. Wright has filed for an extension on its response to Stryker's suit, asking for until Nov. 2 to answer the allegations that it acted knowingly and maliciously by registering the domain.

In its original suit, Stryker asks not just for the court to strip Wright of the website but also for damages related to lost income from the infringement.

- check out the lawsuit (PDF)
- here's Harris Martin's story (sub. req.)