When cancer dials a wrong number; Do allergies lower risk of brain cancer?;

> When cancer dials a wrong number: genetic copy number variations (CNVs) could be biomarkers in testicular cancer but not in breast or colon cancers. Press release | Abstract | Article

> The protein transient receptor potential melastatin-like 7 (TRPM7) predicts breast cancer cell metastasis and poor outcome, and has potential as part of a prognostic panel. Press release | Abstract

> Foundation Medicine and Clovis Oncology have signed a diagnostic collaboration to identify biomarkers, hoping to create a diagnostic to select cancer patients most likely to respond to Clovis' rucaparib, a PARP inhibitor in Phase I/II. Press release

> Mayo Clinic has completed the first genome-wide analysis of peripheral T-cell lymphomas and identified 13 novel alterations. Press release | Abstract

> Vermillion's shares jumped almost 6% on the positive clinical trial results from its OVA1 ovarian cancer blood test. Article | Press release

> Endocannabinoids in saliva could be a biomarker of obesity. Abstract

> According to Chinese researchers, XAF1 could be used as a biomarker to differentiate between liver cancer and healthy tissue. Abstract

> Biomarker validation company Abcodia has appointed Claire Hooper as a non-executive director of the board. Press release

And Finally… Could a sneeze cut your risk of brain cancer? Maybe hay fever's not so bad--people with allergies seem to be at lower risk of glioma. Press release | Abstract