Welcome to FierceBiomarkers

Welcome to the inaugural issue of FierceBiomarkers, which will be published twice a month as a channel of FierceBiotech Research. If you wish receive the newsletter, click here to activate your subscription.

Our top story today really tells you why we're doing this. Biomarkers have become an increasingly important tool in the R&D process, and they're playing an enormous role in the development of new diagnostics for disease as well.

Everyone in the industry understands that biopharma companies are focused on a new generation of personalized therapies that can address serious unmet medical needs. Our new FierceBiomarkers report will track the biomarker news and trends that have a direct impact on developers around the world who turn to us for our trademark analyses of important industry events.

FierceBiomarkers is the ninth news operation for the life sciences division of FierceMarkets, reflecting our commitment to providing the best, most comprehensive coverage of the global biotech business now available. If you have any suggestions on stories we should cover, please let me know. - John Carroll (twitter | email)