VisionGate raises $2M, concludes agreement

VisionGate has raised just under $2 million in the first tranche of a financing round from new and existing investors.

VisionGate is developing a revolutionary non-invasive test for the early detection of lung cancer using Cell-CT, its automated 3D cell imaging platform. The company's LuCED test is initially being developed for adjunctive use with low-dose x-ray computed tomography screening for the early detection of lung cancer in high risk individuals. VisionGate also said it has agreed to collaborate with Israel's Sheba Medical Center to see whether the test can reduce false positive results for patients with lung cancer in early stages.

"We view the enthusiastic response to our current financing round as a testament to the broad potential of our innovative 3D cell imaging technology," said Alan Nelson, chairman and CEO of VisionGate, in a statement. "These funds will enable us to continue to rapidly advance the clinical and regulatory development of LuCED and our 3D cell imaging platform."

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