VeriStrat predicts patient outcomes in cancer therapy; U.K. NHS could use Down syndrome blood test by 2017;

> Biodesix's VeriStrat biomarker test picked those patients most likely to have better outcomes when treated with gemcitabine or erlotinib. Press release

> U.K. NHS could be using a blood test for Down syndrome screening by 2017, avoiding up to 300 miscarriages a year. Article

> A mutation in a gene that metabolizes amino acids acts as a marker for autism and epilepsy that may be treatable through diet. Press release | Abstract | Article | Article

> SOX2 mutations can be linked with aggressive lung cancer Abstract | Press release

> Changes in methylation patterns on DNA tag prostate cancer. Press release | Abstract

> Around half of people have thyroid nodules, but most of these are harmless; an 8-gene assay could pick out those that are cancerous, avoiding unnecessary surgery. Press release | Paper

> Inform Genomics has completed enrollment for the first phase of development for its lead platform product OnPART. Press release

And Finally… Eco-friendly blood glucose monitor could make diabetes checking greener. Article