UPS opens warehousing facility that offers medical device replenishment services

UPS announced the opening of a 200,800-square-foot distribution and warehousing facility in New Jersey that's aimed at meeting the special needs of medical device manufacturers. The company says the facility located near Philadelphia International Airport makes it possible for manufacturers and distributors to reach 80% of U.S. hospitals within four hours. "The ability to decontaminate surgical kits, replenish and repackage instruments, and respond quickly to urgent medical needs is pivotal to our customers' market success, and UPS' growing warehousing, distribution and value-added services are playing a key role," said David Quintilio, UPS vice president of healthcare logistics. The announcement comes on the heels of three acquisitions of European companies specializing in the supply chain management of drugs and devices, and the opening of a healthcare distribution center in Roermand, Netherlands. Release

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