UPDATED: FDA clears Roche's interactive insulin pump system

Roche ($RHHBY) is winding up to launch its new Accu-Chek Combo interactive insulin pump system later this year, following FDA clearance of the product announced this week.

Accu-Chek Combo combines a blood glucose meter with an insulin pump, creating the ability for both elements to exchange data by way of Bluetooth wireless technology. A patient can quickly test blood glucose levels, but the pump can also be operated remotely, enabling a more targeted focus on managing insulin levels.

The product--part of Roche's diagnostics division--follows approval of the company's Accu-Chek Nano SmartView system in the 2012 first quarter. (Plans call for also rolling out that product commercially later this year.)

Daniel O'Day, COO of Roche Diagnostics, said in a statement that "both launches represent a significant milestone for our Diabetes Care business."

Roche Diagnostics has focused significant investment in recent months on enhancing its diabetes care business. In June, for example, the division announced it would pour $300 million over the next decade into its Indianapolis headquarters. Roche Diagnostics, in part, makes insulin pumps and diabetes kits, as well as diabetes test strips. And the investment project will help build a $70 million commercial education center that will help Roche train customers how to use its products.

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Editor's note: This article has been updated in the third paragraph to remove the phrase "insulin pump" from the description of the Accu-Chek Nano SmartView system, to accurately reflect the product's status as a blood glucose meter.