U.S. law enforcers use biomarkers to track DUI repeat offenders; HistoRx licenses melanoma biomarker assay from Yale University;

> Researchers discover a link between nutrient biomarker patterns and variance in cognitive function and brain volume in elderly subjects. Abstract

> Sciclips launches diagnostic and prognostic cancer biomarker database. Article

> Pacific Biomarkers and Clinigene collaborate to provide biomarker services for the biopharma industry. Release

> Protein biomarker assay company Aushon BioSystems raises $2 million in equity. Story

> Researchers develop highly sensitive nanosensors to detect extremely small concentrations of biomarkers. Abstract

> Japanese team identifies a new plasma biomarker of Alzheimer's disease using metabolomics technology. Abstract

> U.S. law enforcers use biomarkers to track DUI repeat offenders. Article

> HistoRx licenses melanoma biomarker assay from Yale University. Release

> MR-proANP may have potential as a biomarker in preeclampsia. Abstract

> Autism Speaks funds biomarker studies for identifying infants at risk for developing autism. Announcement

> Plasma citrulline, a nonessential amino acid, could be a biomarker in pediatric patients with bowel dysfunction. Abstract

> Chinese researchers assess XAF1 as a possible prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target in squamous cell lung cancer. Abstract

> Researchers demonstrate that microRNA could be a potential diagnostic and prognostic pancreatic cancer biomarker. Abstract

> Angiopoietins can predict the outcome in cerebral malaria. Abstract

And Finally... Pacific Biomarkers promotes Dr. Amar Sethi from vice president of research and development to chief scientific officer. Release