Thomson Reuters offers access to biomarker content; Researchers find promising Alzheimer's biomarker source;

> Thomson Reuters plans to offer access to its validated biomarker content within MetaCore, the company's pathway analysis and biomarker discovery solution. According to a news release, the enhanced access will provide users of MetaCore with additional gene and biomarker data including biomarker name, type and role as well as gene name within their search results. The additional data is drawn from Thomson Reuters Integrity, with more than 7,000 biomarkers and 200,000 related uses. Release

> Researchers at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and George Mason University find promising biomarker source in early detection of Alzheimer's. Story

> Researchers identify serum biomarkers to diagnose systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and systemic sclerosis and differentiate disease severity. Story

> A new study focusing on MRI and biomarkers for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is now recruiting. The study will focus on developing MRI as a tool to monitor disease progression in Duchenne and to serve as an outcome measure for clinical trials. The aim of the study is to determine whether noninvasive MRI outcome measures can replace muscle biopsies in evaluating the effectiveness of new treatments in future clinical trials. More here

> Higher urinary levels of two biomarkers on the first day following renal transplantation can predict poor graft function at one year, researchers reported at the 2011 American Transplant Congress. Story

> MicroRNAs as biomarkers of disease onset. Abstract

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