Task Force staffer quits over screening controversy; New biomarker for early-stage diabetes;

> A support staffer for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force resigned after a key meeting was canceled to review a move to recommend against prostate cancer screening for all ages. Dr. Kenneth Lin said that "politics trumped science," noting that the group was looking to avoid any election-day controversy similar to the one that erupted over recent recommendations on screening for breast cancer. Story

> Sophic Systems Alliance won a $750,000 SBIR grant to create a one-stop shop for cancer biomarkers. Report

> In a proteomics study of serum from rats treated with diabetogenic virus, a research team utilized 2D gel analysis and mass spectrometry and found increased levels of serum haptoglobin very early in the time course of diabetes induction. Release

> Pacific Biomarkers was included on Deloitte's recent report on the Fast 500 tech companies in the U.S. Pacific release

> Flagship Biosciences announced the launch of a new tissue biomarker multiplexing analytical tool for tumors and other tissues. Flagship release

And Finally... The Top Writers in Biotech. Report

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