Synthes sues Stryker for 'raiding' sales force, misappropriation of secrets

A Synthes ($SYST) unit is accusing rival Stryker ($SYK) of raiding its San Francisco-based sales force and using confidential information from those ex-employees to its advantage.

In a complaint filed in a Philadelphia court, Synthes says three of its former sales employees misappropriated trade secrets and breached their contractual and fiduciary obligations. The employees resigned this year and immediately went to work for Stryker. They are now actively soliciting former customers, Bloomberg cites the filing as saying.

Through its actions, Stryker is attempting to "an improper competitive advantage" in the industry for medical implants and instruments used in spinal surgery, Synthes alleges.

Kalamazoo, MI-based Stryker didn't immediately respond to Bloomberg's requests for comment on the suit.

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