Symetry Surgical to expand Japanese distribution; Two U.K. firms developing hand-held gum disease diagnostic;

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> Symetry Surgical, an Indiana-based producer of surgical devices, struck a deal with Japan Surgical Specialty to distribute its devices in Japan. More

> BioBehavorial Diagnostics raised $5.2 million in a private stock sale, the Philadelphia Business Journal reports. The company markets a device designed to measure brain functions in order to help diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Story

> VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies has expanded the provider coverage of its CentraSight device, a telescopic eye implant for patients with end-stage macular degeneration. Release

> ApniCure gained 510(k) clearance to market its Winx sleep therapy system, a device that helps treat obstructive sleep apnea without a mask. Story

> The ECG-producer AliveCor, a division of mHealth, has appointed a new CEO. Judy Wade was previously in charge of a mobile app company, and AliveCor said it will use her expertise to seek 510(k) clearance for an iPhone-compatible ECG device. More

> Health 2.0 and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology have awarded $25,000 to a developer who created an online portal for patients and physicians to report adverse events with medical devices. News

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> Ohio-based Navidea Biopharmaceuticals has expanded to Andover, MA, north of Boston. Report

> Modulation Therapeutics has garnered a $500,000 award from The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation as the company works on its lead drug candidate called MTI-101 for myeloma. Release

> Inclinix and PMG Research combine to boost trial enrollment business. Item

> Newton, MA, biotech Chiasma, a developer of oral peptide and protein drugs, has landed $3 million in debt financing. Report

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@FiercePharma: India's Aurobindo hopes an FDA inspection this summer will lift import ban on antibiotics plant. More | Follow @FiercePharma

> FDA to again consider making hydrocodone combos class II drugs. More

> Missed forecast by Roche leads to Boniva shortage. News

> Novartis in tax fight over vaccine plant that HHS helped pay for. Story

> GSK extends $2.6 billion bid for Human Genome Sciences. Article

And finally... U.K. companies OJ-Bio and Orla Protein Technologies, working with scientists at Newcastle University, are developing a hand-held diagnostic device designed to rapidly detect early signs of gum disease in saliva, and also monitor the condition as it is treated. Release

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