Stryker CEO sees big bonus in 2010

Stryker Chairman and CEO Stephen MacMillan received total compensation of $4.7 million in 2010--an increase of roughly 20 percent over the previous year, when he earned about $3.9 million, according to an SEC filing. And although his salary was the same as it had been the previous two years ($1.2 million), he received non-equity incentive plan compensation of about $1.38 million in 2010--that's up from $540,000 the previous year.

"Perquisites and personal benefits included for Mr. MacMillan consisted of country club fees, costs associated with an executive physical examination and the aggregate incremental cost for personal use of our corporate aircraft," the filing states. He was accompanied by his spouse or family members on two trips using the company aircraft last year.  

Despite a tough year for the orthopedics industry in general, Stryker saw a good Q4, as Dow Jones notes. The company also made news when it paid $1.5 billion to buy Boston Scientific's neurovascular business. Indeed, it has been showing its willingness to diversify by buying a number of smaller companies recently, including the Sonopet ultrasonic device business, ulcer treatment maker Gaymar Industries and privately held Porex Surgical.

- get the SEC filing
- read the Dow Jones report

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