Stratasys launches 3-D printer for production of dental devices

Crown and bridge stone models made using the Objet30 Dental Prime 3-D Printer--Courtesy of Stratasys

Stratasys introduced a new 3-D printer aimed at in-house production of dental devices, as the new manufacturing technique known as additive manufacturing steadily gains traction in the medical device industry.

Its Objet30 Dental Prime device can be used to print casting patterns for dentures as well as crown, bridge, and prosthetic stone models the company says. The models serve as a replica of the patient's teeth and surrounding tissue so that appliances like dentures can be made to the correct specifications.

The device offers two modes, one for high quality and another for high speed, as well as three printing materials. It aims to aid small dental labs by reducing the need for outsourcing of model production.

"The introduction of the compact, versatile Objet30 Dental Prime 3-D Printer continues Stratasys' commitment to providing a variety of solutions to meet the different needs of dental and orthodontic labs, small and large. This addition to our entry-level desktop family brings superior-quality 3D printing available to all dental labs who want to provide competitive digital dentistry services to their clients," said the Steffen Mueller, Stratasys' general manager of dental solutions.

According to the company website, Stratasys offers 5 3-D printers for so-called digital dentistry, aimed at small and large labs, as well as providers. It also sells 3-D printers for to create prototypes of medical devices during the development process, as well as end-use components. And the company also sells printers for nonmedical purposes such as architecture.

The launch of the new 3-D printer comes on the heels of Dentca's receipt of the first FDA clearance for a 3-D printed resin-like material that enables the production of dentures using additive manufacturing.

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