Strand Life Sciences draws major Burrill & Co. investment; Varian teams with Russian agencies to spur radiotherapy R&D;

 @FierceMedDev: Biodegradable plastics + stem cells rebuild broken bone. Item | Follow @FierceMedDev

 @MarkHFierce: U.K. researchers developed a stem/cell device hybrid device that repairs broken bones and then biodegrades. Release | Follow @MarkHFierce

 @DamianFierce: Endo's likely headed for a sale, and some analysts say device giant Covidien would be a perfect match. Report | Follow @DamianFierce

> India's Strand Life Sciences, a maker of microarray tools for diagnostics work, attracted a "multi-million-dollar" investment from Burrill & Company, which included a secondary buyout of the company's lead Series A investors. Story

> Varian Medical Systems ($VAR) will work with development agencies in Russia to spur R&D ideas for new radiotherapy technology. Release

> Gold Standard Diagnostics raised $1 million in new equity investment, according to a recent filing. The company focuses, in part, on developing cost-effective diagnostics for clinical and hospital laboratories. Item

> Researchers in Belgium found that a noninvasive device designed to electrically stimulate the trigeminal nerve helped prevent migraines in patients for whom medication alone didn't work. Story

> A new imaging technique developed by Australian scientists works similar to an MRI, but can scan individual cells and produces significantly higher resolution and sensitivity. Story

> CurveBeam secured a CE mark for a new 3-D orthopedic imaging device that relies on cone beam computer tomography. Story

Biotech News

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@JohnCFierce: StemCells is jumping on very early, positive results from tiny spinal cord study. Release | Follow @JohnCFierce

@RyanMFierce: Burrill backed India-based outfit with diagnostics biz ambitions. Burrill & Co. landed $505M for latest VC fund. News | Follow @RyanMFierce

> Analysts urge AstraZeneca's Soriot to think big on M&A front. Story

> Merck ups autoimmune prize to $600M for small Michigan biotech. More

> StemCells soars after spinal trial gains persist in 2 patients. Item

Pharma News

@FiercePharma: Daiichi sales reps sue for discrimination. $100M damages sought. Same law firm that handled Novartis case. Story | Follow @FiercePharma

@EricPFierce: Merck to whittle away further at its manufacturing network. More | Follow @EricPFierce

@AlisonBFierce: Feds nail supplier of unapproved cancer drugs. This after authorities found counterfeit Altuzan making the rounds. News | Follow @AlisonBFierce

> Celgene wins China's blessing for Revlimid launch. Article

> Bristol licenses OTC brands to Reckitt for 'eye-watering' $482M. News

Biotech Research News

> Stem cell discovery could drive new bone repair therapies. Article

> Acorda drug boosts motor functions in rats after stroke. Report

> Compound preserves heart cells, tissue after heart attack or stroke damage. Story

> Dogs with diabetes 'cured' with gene therapy. Item

Pharma Manufacturing News

> Kazakhstan government plans to build biologics plant. Story

> Japan's Eisai sells Taiwan plant in revamp of manufacturing. Story

> Feds nail supplier of unapproved cancer drugs. News

> More Merck manufacturing cuts on the way. Report