Startup wins $9.4M Series A to back speedy hand-held vital sign scanner

The Dyno hand-held scanner--Courtesy of DynoSense

Digital health player DynoSense expects to use its new $9.4 million Series A financing to gain FDA clearance for its hand-held scanner that grabs more than 33 health metrics, including commonly monitored vital signs, in under one minute. Dubbed the Dyno, the device captures the data and sends it to the cloud for analysis that is subsequently sent to healthcare providers.

DynoSense expects that its device will prove useful in all sorts of patient care environments including eldercare, chronic disease care, hospital discharge, consumer health and telemedicine. The Sunnyvale, CA-based startup was founded in March 2013.

"With the Dyno, we are marking a new paradigm in how patients can be remotely monitored for physiological changes," said the company's CEO Saeed Azimi in a statement. "We believe this will open up a whole new era of disease prevention that will enhance delivery of care, resulting in leapfrog improvements in efficiency, health outcomes and cost reduction." Azimi was previously the president and CEO of Vital Connect.

Measurements taken include electrocardiogram data including heart rate, heart rhythm, heart variability, "QRS" complex wave; pulmonary plethysmography data such as respiration rate, breathing volume and breathing efficiency; core body temperature; blood pressure; hydration; activity; and sleep. It will also connect to a smart scale to integrate weight data.

The idea is to offer a quick glimpse at a person's health status and any given moment in time--enabling patients and healthcare providers quickly to recalibrate the optimal care required. The company said it is working on its 510(k) submission for the FDA.

Investors in the financing include WI Harper Group, JKOM Cloud Health Technology, Plug and Play Tech Center, Jinmao Capital, as well as Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati.

"The Dyno is indicative of the cutting-edge digital health products that are being developed and brought to market by the experienced team at DynoSense," said WI Harper Managing Director Paul Chau. "We believe the company has an extraordinary opportunity to help drive the innovative and disruptive digital trends that are shaping the future of the healthcare industry."

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