Standard Textile begins marketing its FDA-cleared pressure ulcer-preventing bedding system

Ohio-based Standard Textile has begun marketing its DermaTherapy bedding system that was recently approved by the FDA to reduce the overall occurrence of pressure ulcers.

The bedding, which has silklike fibers to help regulate the patient's "microclimate"--a combination of heat, moisture, pressure, friction and shear--got the regulatory agency’s nod last month.

In a statement, the company said conventional hospital bedding often generates excessive moisture, friction and shear, as well as lint and airborne particles that are potentially hazardous to patients.

The system has been used in clinical trials in the U.S., with one medical center claiming it both saved $1.5 million while reducing the time patients stayed in the hospital partly because of a reduction of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, the company said.

"Our system-wide conversion to DermaTherapy® bedding has dramatically improved the quality of care for our Cone Health patients and delivered significant savings for our healthcare system from the reduction of pressure ulcers," Annette Osborne, vice president of Nursing and Patient Services at Cone Health in Greensboro, NC, said in the statement.

The bedding system was developed in partnership between Standard Textile and Precision Fabrics Group.