St. Jude's Starks sees 2010 compensation rise 19%

St. Jude Medical CEO Daniel Starks saw his total 2010 compensation shoot up to $9.4 million--an increase of roughly 19 percent over the previous year, when he received just over $7.9 million, according to an SEC filing.

Starks' base salary was $995,000, up from $975,000 the previous year. He saw his option awards rise to just under $7 million and his bonus to about $1.4 million.

"Despite a challenging economic environment, we delivered strong financial results for fiscal year 2010," the company says in the filing. And with a its double-digit revenue and net earnings growth, the company saw its most profitable year in its history.  

Starks was recently detained in an Indian airport after a single ammunition shell for a personal firearm was found on his person. The company said he inadvertently left the shell in his clothing. Indian authorities didn't charge him, and he was allowed to return home, as Dow Jones notes.

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