St. Jude launches Promote Quadra CRT-D in Europe; Medrad taps new CEO;

> St. Jude Medical on Tuesday announced the European launch of its Promote Quadra cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator. Story

> Medical devicemaker Medrad has named a new chief executive who will succeed John Friel as of July 1. Story

> A new company called Frontier Medical Devices hopes to bring dozens of jobs to the Upper Peninsula, and sooner, rather than later. Article

> Seabrook International Holdings recently leased 15,930 square feet at 35 Woodworker's Way. Seabrook International is a contract manufacturer of precision surgical instruments, implants and other devices used primarily in the orthopaedic implant industry. News

> Health Robotics announced i.v.STATION's certification achieving compliance with a host of global security guidelines for controlled substances, including tamper-evident syringe caps, biometric identification, restricting nursing access only to ready-to-administer IVs, single-dose storage and retrieval, etc. Release

> Lynwood, CA-based Earle M. Jorgensen Co. is investing more than $5 million in a 72,000-square-foot distribution center in Arlington. Story

> Using magnets to treat people with major depression has had a mixed record. Some studies have said that transcranial magnetic stimulation, which activates the left prefrontal cortex with an electromagnetic coil near the skull, has lifted depression in people who don't respond to antidepressant drugs. News 

> Snoring can be a real problem, both for the person who snores and the person who sleeps with that special someone. Now there is a pillow that may help snorers and snoring victims. Report

And Finally... Howard Root wants you to know that he's not an angry man. Really. Yes, the CEO of Vascular Solutions Inc. sued another company for product defamation (Vascular won $3.5 million), tangled with local reporters, and threatened not to develop any new products with Minnesota doctors if the state passed a disclosure bill (the legislation died). Story