Spotlight On... HeartWare expands heart pump recall; NexStim wins CE mark for its noninvasive chronic pain therapy; Gecko Biomedical scores $1.6M to advance bio-inspired surgical adhesives; and more...

In a January recall letter, HeartWare ($HTWR) extended the recall of its Ventricular Assist System (HVAD) to include batteries because they ran out more quickly than anticipated. The defective batteries have faulty cells and could cause the device to stop working--which could lead to patient injury or death. This follows earlier safety problems, including false battery alarms and a May 2014 correction notice about batteries depleting earlier than expected. The device, which is the smallest heart pump in a two-player market, has been plagued by power problems, including the external cable's susceptibility to electrostatic discharge and accidental catching of the driveline, which could cause the device to disconnect. The company entered a merger agreement with Medtronic ($MDT) earlier this week. FDA notice

> NexStim's noninvasive Navigated Brain Therapy for chronic pain gained a CE mark. Release

> Gecko Biomedical picked up a €1.4 million ($1.6 million) Bpifrance interest-free loan to advance the development of its bio-inspired surgical adhesives. Release

> Eyenuk announced the CE mark and commercial launch of EyeArt 2.0, its second-generation fully automated diabetic retinopathy screening software. Release