Spotlight On... Does Google AI initiative DeepMind go too deep into NHS patient info?; Startup starts crowdfunding to share STD status on dating sites; FDA clears Medtronic MRI-compatible shunt system;

The U.K.'s National Health Service has partnered with Google to have the company apply its artificial intelligence efforts, known as DeepMind, to the healthcare data of the 1.6 million patients treated at three London hospitals each year. AI and deep-learning efforts have met with ample enthusiasm from the healthcare industry, which often struggles to make sense and to benefit from its mountains of patient data. However, a recent article in the New Scientist questions whether Google has too free a rein over patient data via its NHS deal. The Google-NHS agreement states that Google cannot use the data in any other part of the business and that the data is to be stored by a third-party contractor. DeepMind loses access to the data when the agreement expires in September 2017. More

> EnteroMedics ($ETRM) has partnered with Academy Medical to sell its vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy to treat obesity to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities. More

> Startup Mately has started crowdfunding on Indiegogo to back its subscription-based service to share sexually transmitted disease test results via dating sites. More

> Medtronic ($MDT) has nabbed FDA clearance for MRI-compatible valves and shunts to treat patient with hydrocephalus and cerebrospinal fluid disorders. More