Spotlight On... Cell-harvesting device to treat burns enters FDA's accelerated review pathway; FDA lines up panel on leadless pacemakers; Infosys invests $3M in Whoop wearable; and more...

Avita Medical's ReCell Autologous Cell Harvesting Device for treating burns became the latest entrant into the FDA's Expedited Access Pathway for accelerated approval of "breakthrough" devices. More specifically, the new program applies to devices that "demonstrate the potential to address unmet medical needs for life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions." The designation was not issued by the FDA's device arm (CDRH), but by its Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. CBER will now enter into further discussions with Avita on its data development plan. The U.K.-based company said it almost done with enrollment of its 30-patient clinical trial. Indeed, entrance into the EAP is designed to speed up FDA approval (or rejection) by enabling smaller clinical trials, among other advantages. In November, CVRx announced that its CE-marked Barostim neo neuromodulator to treat heart failure will be reviewed under the EAP. By FierceMedicalDevices' count, the number of devices in the EAP pipeline now stands at 6. Release

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> The FDA's Circulatory System Devices Panel will meet on Feb. 18 to discuss clinical trial, postapproval study and physician training for leadless cardiac pacemaker device technology. Public comment is accepted through Feb. 11. More

> Oxford University will sponsor a clinical trial for non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation ActiPatch Therapy from BioElectronics to treat chronic back pain. More

> Software company Infosys ($INFY) has invested $3 million in athletic wearable performance optimization company Whoop. More

Biotech News

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> Roche wins FDA approval for a new lung cancer drug. News

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> $37.5M in hand, Termeer-backed X4 maps a fast pace on cancer immunotherapy R&D. Article

Pharma News

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> Icahn: Change the international tax code, and Pfizer will drop its 'travesty' of a merger. More

> Lilly's price for Portrazza way too high for its limited benefit in lung cancer, doctors say. Article

Pharma Marketing News

> Roche challenges hometown rival Novartis with new targeted lung-cancer med Alecensa. Item

> Shire finally gets Baxalta to the deal-talks table. Article

> Novo Nordisk eyes stepped-up diabetes care in 'beyond the pill' deal with IBM Watson. Story

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Animal Health News

> Cornell scientists create first litter of puppies through in vitro fertilization. News

> Report: Antibiotic sales for food animals still on the rise, despite FDA restrictions. Item

> U.K.-based Genus teams with U.S. scientists to create pigs resistant to deadly virus. Story

> Veterinarians debate necessity of dog flu vaccines from Merck and Zoetis. More

> Lilly separates animal health manufacturing but insists it's not prepping a spinoff. Article

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> GoBalto lands global site activation software deal with Icon. More

> Academics snag EU cash for 3-D genomics project. Report

> SAP makes pitch for precision medicine market with a pair of products. Item

> Analyst: Use of tech to streamline clinical trials 'still early in its adoption cycle.' Story

> Illumina invests in CRISPR gene editing software player. Article