Spotlight On... Carthera's ultrasound system opens blood-brain barrier; Ortho Clinical wins CE mark for 4th-gen HIV test; Study shows Boston Sci's Watchman may be preferable to drugs for afib patients; and more...

Carthera researchers said its ultrasound system successfully disrupted the blood-brain barrier in recent testing. The French devicemaker's SonoCloud system produced pulses of ultrasound that made the blood-brain barrier temporarily permeable, allowing for greater delivery of therapeutic molecules. Read more from FierceDrugDelivery

> Ortho Clinical Diagnostics' Vitros Immunodiagnostic HIV Combo Test obtained a CE mark. It is a fourth-generation assay designed to detect both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies as well as the p24 antigen, and can help detect acute infection earlier than third-gen assays. Release

> A Yale study showed that Boston Scientific's ($BSX) Watchman may be more cost-effective in treating atrial fibrillation than blood thinners like warfarin. Release

> CorMatrix Cardiovascular has treated the first patients with its CorMatrix Tyke, which is cleared for cardiac tissue repairs in neonates and infants. Release

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