Sony eyes using image sensors for medical equipment; Should the FDA evaluate devices made with 3D printers?;

@FierceMedDev: "Brain window" implant could enable targeted treatments. Item | Follow @FierceMedDev

@MarkHFierce: bioMerieux's $450M BioFire Dx buy gives it an even greater foothold in infectious disease diagnostics. Story | Follow @MarkHFierce

> Women are 25% less likely than men to die one year after transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), according to new research presented at the ESC Congress 2013 in Amsterdam. Item

> Sony is looking at using its image sensors, in part, for new medical equipment. Story

> The FDA is looking at how it might evaluate medical devices made using 3D printers. Story

> Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston have developed a diagnostic risk score calculation that can help predict which patients are at risk of kidney failure or death after injury. Item

> Purview in Crofton, MD, is launching a new medical image storage and sharing platform--a cloud-based system designed to give patients more control over their medical records. Item

> Coherex Medical won a CE mark for its new left atrial appendage occlusion sytem, which is designed to help treat atrial fibrillation. Item

Biotech News

@FierceBiotech: AstraZeneca rolls the dice (again) on a failed cancer drug. More | Follow @FierceBiotech

@JohnCFierce: Be sure to check out our new weekly report: FierceDiagnostics | Follow @JohnCFierce

@RyanMFierce: Rare diabetes drug development startup Elcelyx Tx spins off nutraceutical assets into NaZura BioHealth. Release | Follow @RyanMFierce

@EmilyMFierce: Altered gene in mice extends lifespan by 20%. Story | Follow @EmilyMFierce

> Pursuing Alzheimer's, iPierian grabs $30M and spins off orphan drug biotech. More

> Transgene, Jennerex ponder fate of tumor-fighting virus after PhIIb failure. Story

> Rockwell Medical surges on more promising PhIII data for iron-delivery drug. Article

> BioMérieux to fork over $450M for Utah Dx outfit. News

Pharma News

@FiercePharma: India approves $1.6bn acquisition of Agila Specialties by Mylan. More | Follow @FiercePharma

@EricPFierce: ICYMI: Indian regulators find no serious problems at Wockhardt plant banned by FDA. More from FiercePharmaManufacturing | Follow @EricPFierce

@CarlyHFierce: How a peptide and a protein can help predict heart attack--and ease overcrowding in the emergency room. More from FierceBiomarkers | Follow @CarlyHFierce

> Onyx CEO Tony Coles will score $58M on Amgen deal. Story

> China talks about massive fines against GSK. More

> Eli Lilly's Alimta gains may cause Princeton pain. Article

Drug Delivery News

@MichaelGFierce: Self-powered nanomeds deliver bone-strengthening drugs. Article | Follow @MichaelGFierce

> Oramed submits pre-IND for oral exenatide Type 2 diabetes pill. More

> Meda buys Acton for $135M+, snags asthma inhaler. Item

> Google invests in oral drug delivery for insulin, other biologics. Story

> Nanosized DNA cages could deliver drugs with triggered release. Report

> Novan collects $7.8 million from gov to develop nitric oxide burn med. News

Diagnostics News

> BioFire Diagnostics keeps identity in $450M bioMérieux deal. Story

> Indian Dx giant emerges. Article

> ITC, Accumetrics merge with eye on global cardiovascular Dx. News

> Study: PET/MRI combo adds heft in cancer Dx. Report

> Cepheid wins key "moderate complexity" designation for combo TB test. More

> Siemens co-develops Alzheimer's blood test. Item

Biomarkers News

> Biomarker sorely needed for diagnosing chronic migraines. Story

> Heart attack biomarker could ease ER crowding. News

> Researchers zero in on biomarker for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Report

> Blood test flags organ transplant injury. Item

> Study: Protein may predict mesothelioma survival. More

> Biomarker test boosts prospects for Parkinson's prediction. Article

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