Slideshow: FierceMedicalDevices' 2012 Fierce 15 at AdvaMed

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We did it.

FierceMedicalDevices' first annual Fierce 15 debuted to great success at the AdvaMed 2012 conference in Boston. It was fantastic to meet the company CEOs and talk more with the folks behind some of the most innovative privately funded device and diagnostics companies around.

If you haven't taken a look yet, we encourage you to read the full list to get a bigger picture of some of the game-changing technology coming from these entrepreneurs. These companies are worth watching, to say the least.

Check out our slideshow from the Fierce 15 awards ceremony and a few AdvaMed highlights. Click here to see the full FierceMedicalDevices Fierce 15 list.

Last but not least, a special thanks to everyone at Fierce who helped put our list, and event, together. -- Damian Garde (Twitter | email) and Mark Hollmer (email | Twitter)