Sengenics, Oxford Gene Therapy to launch cancer biomarker service

Malaysian cytogenetics and molecular diagnostics company Sengenics is partnering with the U.K.'s Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) to launch a global cancer biomarker discovery and clinical trial immuno-response monitoring service.

Sengenics plans to launch the service--which will be based on OGT's full-length functional protein array platform--from a new purpose-built protein array facility by the second quarter of 2013.

The company claims that it will be the first facility in the world outside Oxford, U.K., that can run the OGT-developed protein array technology.

Sengenics has been offering protein array-based biomarker discovery services through OGT for several years.

"Our protein array technology has proved to be highly successful in identifying promising diagnostic signatures for cancers and autoimmune diseases. In order to better serve the Asian market, we will be enabling Sengenics, our strategic partner in Asia, to provide biomarker discovery services based on our proprietary protein array platform in their own facility," said Dr. John Anson, executive vice president of R&D at OGT, in a statement.

Sengenics said in a statement that it has already used its protein array technology platform with high success rates for more than 20 projects in Asia. The technology has also been used by several large pharmaceutical companies and research centers for immuno-monitoring of drug and microbial response, according to Sengenics.

Founded in 2008, Sengenics was the first company in Asia to offer genomics-based diagnostics services. 

- here's the press release