Scripps to work with ImpediMed on cardio validation study

Scripps Green Hospital--Courtesy of Scripps Health

Scripps Health will be using ImpediMed’s SOZO device in a validation study. The study will monitor patients with heart failure who are being tracked via pulmonary artery pressure monitoring.

SOZO is a device that can be used to measure body composition, fluid status and hydration management. The device looks similar to a scale, and features a large touch screen that offers up long-term data on multiple health measurements.

According to a video, SOZO is “a precision device that gives you a detailed picture of your health at a cellular level.” The video also explained that SOZO uses 256 “interactive sensor data points” to offer a detailed view of an individual’s health.

The study will be led by J. Thomas Heywood of the heart failure recovery and research program at Scripps Health and Andrew Accardi, chairman of emergency medicine at Scripps Health. Heywood’s patients from Scripps Green Hospital will be recruited for the study.  

- here's the press release about the partnership
- and here's the release about SOZO

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