Roche, Labcyte to team on PCR

Roche and Labcyte are planning to cooperate on high-speed, miniaturized quantitative PCR to monitor the expression of genes for therapeutic research.

Roche's RealTime ready Cell Lysis kit enables gene expression directly from cell lysates. When it is coupled with Labcyte's Echo liquid handlers and tissue culture microplates, researchers can greatly simplify high-throughput qPCR analyses, according to a statement.

This process can be fully automated using the Access Workstation, which integrates the Echo liquid handler with either the LightCycler 480 or LightCycler 1536 Instrument.

"The LightCycler 480 and 1536 Systems are designed for high-throughput gene detection, gene expression, and genetic variation analysis. Unlike other high throughput systems on the market that offer greater than 384 well capability, the Lightcycler 1536 allows for individual well to well addressability and optimization due to its true qPCR nature," said Dr. Matthias Hinzpeter, project leader qPCR/NAP Systems. "This integrated platform reduces data costs associated with gene expression profiling, allowing efficient incorporation of qPCR into the early stages of drug discovery."

- see the Roche-Labcyte statement