Researchers ID biomarkers for early transplant rejection; Study questions use of EFGR for lung cancer prognosis;

> A team of investigators at Boston Children's Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center say they have nailed down a set of biomarkers that can be used to identify the early signs of heart transplant rejection. The work provides physicians a chance to determine if a heart is being rejected before it fails. Report

> A new study indicates that testing for the EGFR biomarker is not a good way to evaluate the likely course of lung cancer.  The conclusion: "Although the EGFR mutation is a predictive marker for EGFR TKI response, the presence of EGFR mutation is not a prognostic factor." Story

> Selventa says it is developing a new class of diagnostic test that can consist of "multi-omic" biomarkers to guide physicians' choice of therapies. Release

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