Report: Alzheimer's biomarker market to reach $9B in decade

Protein biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease will represent a $9 billion market over the next decade, according to ProteoMonitor, reporting on a study commissioned by proteomics firm Proteome Sciences. That's why biomarker firms such as Quanterix, Rules-Based Medicine and NextGen Sciences have focused so much on Alzheimer's lately.

"I think it's becoming a much higher-profile disease area," Proteome Sciences CEO Christopher Pearce told ProteoMonitor. "[It's] looking to be one of the hotter areas simply because of the size and economic costs it's delivering."

It's unclear, however, who came up with the $9 billion figure. Pearce would only say that the report was prepared by "a former senior industry figure with considerable expertise in field," according to ProteoMonitor. The U.K.-based company reported that its revenues for the year jumped more than seven-fold to $16.3 million, largely due to a payment to the company by Sanofi-Aventis to settle a dispute over a sales and transfer agreement.

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