QuantuMDx collaboration gets $2.2M tumor profiling award; EU supports predictive preeclampsia test;

> The U.K. government-backed Biomedical Catalyst program has awarded £1.4 million ($2.2 million) to the Q-CANCER project, which includes QuantuMDx Group's rapid on‐chip lab, leading to the first sub-20-minute tumor profiler. Press release

> The EU has awarded an international consortium, which includes University College Cork, Pronota and Metabolomic Diagnostics, €6 million ($7.7 million) to bring a predictive preeclampsia test to market. Press release

> Saskatoon, Canada-based Phenomenome Discoveries has launched its colorectal cancer screening test, Cologic. Article

> A cathepsin-based blood test could predict drug responses in atherosclerosis, osteoporosis or cancer. Press release

> Empire Genomics is developing a blood DNA marker test for multiple myeloma, which will help doctors to tailor treatment. Article

And Finally… Transdermal device could monitor biomarkers in real time. Article

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