Protagen, Biogen Idec partner on MS biomarkers

BioArray News reports on Dortmund, Germany-based Protagen's continuing mission to partner with other companies on biomarker discovery. The latest is a deal with Biogen Idec to discover biomarkers for relapsing or remitting multiple sclerosis.

Protogen will take a look at samples from a Biogen Idec clinical trial using Protogen's UniArray protein-chip platform to try to identify predictive and response biomarkers for multiple sclerosis therapies. Protagen CEO Stefan Mullner told the the publication that the company will use its MS signature in the deal with Biogen.

Protagen has made a number of biomarker-discovery deals in the past year, including one with Mikrogen for infectious diseases, an expanded deal with Bayer Schering Pharma for endometriosis and MicroDiscovery to identify biomarkers for undisclosed "medically relevant" diseases. In addition, according to the report, Protagen is developing its own technology for early detection of MS and prostate cancer, raising $12.7 million last year to fund the program.

- read the story in BioArray News

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