Predictive Biomarkers renews Epigenomics pact; Cleveland Clinic spotlights Alzheimer's biomarker as leading innovation for 2011

> Predictive Biomarkers, which raised $25 million in venture cash last summer, has renewed its deal with Germany's Epigenomics to develop a prostate cancer test using the GSTP1 prostate cancer biomarker. Story Predictive Biomarkers has the rights to commercialize the test in the U.S. The biotech company is getting an undisclosed licensing fee. Report

> The Cleveland Clinic has ranked AV-45-the new PET biomarker for Alzheimer's-as the top emerging medical innovation for 2011. Article

> BioMarker Strategies has raised $2 million in equity and garnered $1 million from an SBIR grant. Story

> Certain measures of the blood biomarker cardiac troponin T (cTnT), a cardiac-specific protein, using a highly sensitive test, are associated with the development of heart failure or cardiovascular death in older adults, according to a study that will appear in the December 8 issue of JAMA. Release

> A new study concludes that MCP-1 could be used as a biomarker for acute kidney injury. Report

> ExonHit Therapeutics announced that promising data regarding the use of blood-based genomic biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease clinical trials were disclosed in two distinct oral presentations at the Third Conference of Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease. ExonHit release