Oxford Gene Technology develops lupus biomarker panel; Receptor identified to help measure cancer risk;

> Scientists at Boston Children's hospital believe urinary levels of hepatocyte growth factor, or HGF, could work as a biomarker to help detect arteriovenous malformations. Release

> The Translational Genomics Research Institute will work with Eastern-Bell Sports on a biomarker study of concussive injuries. Release

> Variations in the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist gene can be an accurate biomarker for the advance of knee osteoarthritis in some patients, Interleukin Genetics and the University of North Carolina have found. Item

> A receptor called integrin α4β1 could be a vital biomarker to help measure cancer risk, University of California, San Diego scientists have determined. Item

> Oxford Gene Technology, working with King's College London, has developed an autoantibody biomarker panel designed to improve the diagnosis of lupus. Release