OrbusNeich releases data on combo stent, Genous

OrbusNeich was busy last week at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2011 conference in San Francisco. The company introduced the combo dual therapy stent and presented data showing its Genous stent provides the most rapid healing of the coronary vessel versus bare-metal and drug-eluting stents at 14 days post-implantation.

The combo stent is the first in a new category of dual therapy stents, according to the company. The product leverages a partitioned effect that combines an abluminal sirolimus drug elution with OrbusNeich's Genous pro-healing technology for the acceleration of endothelial coverage.

Interim results from EGO-COMBO, an optical coherence tomography study of early healing with the Combo stent, were presented by an investigator. The data showed Combo achieved 70% strut coverage in less than 50 days. In addition, no major adverse cardiac events were recorded.

"The Combo Dual Therapy Stent is OrbusNeich's latest innovation to leverage Genous, our proprietary pro-healing stent technology, to address the significant clinical risk of delayed or absent healing that faces drug eluting stents today," said Al Novak, OrbusNeich's chairman, president and CEO, in a statement.

Also at the conference, investigators discussed results from a prospective, single-center, randomized study evaluated the endothelial stent coverage of the Blazer cobalt chromium stent, the cobalt chromium SolarFlex stent and the biolimus eluting coronary stainless steel Nobori stent with the company's Genous stent, measuring optical coherence tomography at 14 days. The percentage of healed struts was significantly higher in the Genous stent (69.7%) versus the analyzed cobalt chromium stents and the DES. For Blazer, the number was 56.7%, while the SolarFlex saw 55.2% healed. 

Genous is OrbusNeich's endothelial progenitor cell capture technology that promotes the accelerated natural healing of the vessel wall after the implantation of blood-contact devices. The technology includes an antibody surface coating that attracts EPCs circulating in the blood to form an endothelial layer that provides protection against thrombosis and modulates restenosis.

The company, which is privately funded, has no partners and is working to expand its market reach into the U.S., explained David Camp, VP, sales and marketing EMEA.

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