OncoSec, Serametrix team on skin cancer biomarkers

Personalized medicine allows physicians or researchers to select the patients who are most likely to respond to a treatment, improving patients' outcomes and speeding drug development. Under a collaboration deal between OncoSec Medical ($ONCS) and Serametrix, researchers are working to identify biomarkers that could help select the patients that might respond to OncoSec Medical's OMS ElectroOncology therapies.

The teams will use Serametrix's Seromic profiling assay to analyze subjects in three OncoSec Phase II clinical trials treating melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The aim is to identify predictive biomarkers and learn more about the antitumor response triggered by OncoSec Medical's therapies, which combine DNA IL-12 and electroporation. The treatment involves the use of electrical pulses to open tumor cell membrane pores, increasing the uptake of cancer-killing agents.

"A critical issue in cancer immunotherapy trials is patient selection," said Dr. Adil Daud, principal investigator at the University of California San Francisco for OncoSec's upcoming melanoma clinical trial. "Given the complexity of the immune response in cancer, it has been difficult to pinpoint the most appropriate biomarker. This partnership offers an opportunity to develop a biomarker complementary to the clinical activity for DNA IL-12 electroporation."

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