Occlutech CEO scores win against St Jude-AGA Medical

Occlutech CEO Tor Peters has obtained a favorable ruling from a court in Duesseldorf, Germany in patent litigation initiated against him by St Jude-AGA Medical.

Back in May, Occlutech received a favorable opinion in a patent lawsuit brought more than 5 years ago by St Jude-AGA Medical. Subsequently, St Jude-AGA Medical accused Peters personally for alleged violation of patent EP 808 138. The Duesseldorf court rebuffed St. Jude-AGA, but the ruling is subject to appeal.

"It is amazing and quite shocking to see a company that you would normally consider ethical, going to such length in trying to kill a competitor by also going after private individuals with this kind of massive and unjustified litigation," Peters says in a statement. "Obviously we are very happy that the courts in Germany now ruled in our favor as courts in the UK, The Netherlands and Sweden have done before."

Occlutech, which was founded in 2003, specializes in developing and manufacturing cardiac occlusion devices and other vascular implants, according to its website. The company scored a €15 million ($21.6 million) investment led by Hong Kong-based Interlink Investments in August.

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