Nuclea Bio hunts prostate markers

Nuclea Biotechnologies, a Massachusetts-based biomarker company, is collaborating with the Stratton VA Medical Center and Albany Research Institute to seek out prostate cancer biomarkers. The researchers are screening samples from men with prostate cancer, or precancerous or benign prostate conditions, to determine gene and protein profiles that could be used as diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers. The research will focus on fatty acid synthase--Nuclea has filed for pre-market guidance with the FDA for its prostate-cancer-monitoring diagnostic test showing that FAS levels are predictive of metastatic risk--and the company states that it plans a clinical trial to evaluate "how fatty acid synthase works to diagnose and predict prostate cancer in very specific populations, such as veterans." This research could lead to diagnostics that could be used early in the disease's course, as well as potential treatments. Press release