Novocure tech works in combination with PD-1 in preclinical NSCLC data

Early evidence suggests that Novocure's ($NVCR) Tumor Treating Fields technology may be useful in combination with a newer class of anti-cancer drugs, PD-1 inhibitors. The company will present preclinical data to that effect at the American Association of Immunologists' Annual Meeting in Seattle. TTFields were used in combination with a PD-1 inhibitor on non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells in vivo. The combined TTFields and anti-PD-1 use resulted in a "significant decrease in tumor volume compared to sham controls and to anti-PD-1 alone," Novocure said in a statement. "Our research indicates that TTFields in combination with PD-1 immunotherapies may be another possible treatment paradigm for solid tumors that should be investigated clinically, particularly for those solid tumors whose standard of care currently includes--or is evolving to include--PD-1 immunotherapies," said Novocure CSO and head of R&D Dr. Eilon Kirson in a statement. "We are excited to learn more about the potential benefits of combining TTFields with PD-1 immunotherapies in a variety of solid tumors." More