Novartis unit buys SensoMotoric's eye surgery tech

Alcon, Novartis' ($NVS) eye-care unit, has bought German company SensoMotoric Instruments' ophthalmic business, acquiring technology for cataract surgery.

Neither company disclosed financial terms, but Alcon says it will roll SensoMotoric's eye-tracking and intraocular lens positioning devices into its global cataract surgery portfolio. SensoMotoric plans to refocus on its end-user and OEM businesses, finding new medical and scientific applications for its eye-tracking platform, the company said.

For Alcon, the guidance technology slides right into its continuum of surgery devices, and the company is looking forward to expanding its adoption through its network of customers, Senior Vice President Sabri Markabi said.

"The state-of-the-art guidance technology provides surgeons with customization options and automated solutions, enabling optimal outcomes for their cataract patients including underlying refractive conditions," Markabi said in a statement.

SensoMotoric has worked with Alcon for more than a decade and has great respect for its leadership, Managing Director Eberhard Schmidt said. With its established reputation and broad array of surgical offerings, Alcon was the ideal destination for SonsoMotoric's ophthalmic unit, Schmidt said.

Alcon is Novartis' second-largest division, bringing in $10 billion in sales last year.

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