Mobile app allows docs to send education materials to patients' phones


Vivacare has released a new version of the InfoRx app. The patient engagement app gives medical professionals a place where they can deliver education resources and practice information directly to the hand of their patients.

"We are very excited about the capabilities offered by the latest version of our InfoRx mobile app," said Mark Becker, pediatrician and Vivacare founder, in the announcement. "Vivacare has made it easy and affordable for any physician or medical provider to deliver personalized patient education resources through print, the web or mobile app. We can also provide our professional customers with advanced functions at a fraction of the cost required for custom app development."

Courtesy of Vivacare
Doctors and other medical professionals can use the third-party app to send educational materials like videos and handouts to their patients. The information is already on the Vivacare app where it is selected, customized and personalized with the professional's name and sent out through the app to patients. The information can help educate patients on their condition, medication, diagnostic test or procedure.

The app is easily downloaded through the Apple App Store. The base application is free for medical professionals, though there is a premium option offered at an annual fee. This option includes additional patient engagement features, Push Notification delivery and a patient satisfaction survey.

The announcement explained that 60% of surveyed patients found the access to educational content sent from their own doctor was of “high” or “very high” value. The majority of patients (86%) also noted that the information delivered over the mobile app helped them to understand their condition, while 62% said that it helped them understand treatment options.

- here's the press release

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