MIT, GE, ADI to collaborate on device center

MIT has announced the creation of the Medical Electronic Device Realization Center, a collaboration with Analog Devices (ADI) and GE Global Research designed to improve multiple areas of the medical industry, including electronic devices, diagnostics and treatments.  

The center will foster the creation of prototype devices and intellectual property and serve as a catalyst for implementing innovative technology to reduce the cost of healthcare in both the developed and developing world. ADI engineers and MEDRC scientists plan to research technologies that enable portable, non-invasive monitoring of vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate, according to a release. The lead MIT investigator is Charles Sodini.  

For its part, GE is interested in a project to simplify routine ultrasound measurements and improve the quality and diagnostic capabilities of imaging. GE researchers are trying to develop ultrasound probes for higher quality images that can aid in the diagnosis of disease. The project aims to make ultrasound much more accessible in regions where healthcare services are limited. The lead investigator is Brian Anthony along with graduate students Matthew Gilbertson, and Shih-Yu Sun.

- see the MIT release