Merck Serono to analyze biomarkers at Chinese R&D site; New marker spots chemo-resistant cases of ovarian cancer;

> Merck Serono plans to put a Chinese R&D operation in the CRO Pharmaron's facility in Beijing, where Merck Serono plans to analyze biomarkers for research of personalized therapies. Report

> Researchers at the Moffitt Cancer Center are studying a pathway called BCL2 agonist of cell death, or BAD, that could be used as a biomarker for aggressive forms of ovarian cancer that are resistant to chemotherapy. Item

> The National Parkinson Foundation said it is funding, among other projects, work at Northwestern University on a smartphone app that could be used to monitor "gait disturbance" in Parkinson's patients, recording a biomarker that could be used to track progression of the disease. Release

> Nature Nanotechnology has a new article about the promise of nanopore sensors in analyzing nucleic acids, making the tools useful in biomarker discovery. Article