Merck Serono, Compugen create startup; RiboMed launches glioma prognostic test;

> Merck Serono and Compugen have created a startup, Neviah Genomics, which will focus on the discovery and development of biomarkers to predict drug-induced toxicity. Press release

> Microvesicles, also known as exosomes, are small sacs of membrane that are shed from the surface of tumors into the body fluids; signatures of a number of microvesicles could have potential as biomarkers in cancer patients. Press release | Abstract

> RiboMed has launched a multimarker methylation prognostic test for grading gliomas, analyzing 8 genes for differential methylation to predict patient survival. Press release

> ImmunID's biomarker Divpenia suggests that poor diversity in T-cell lymphocytes correlates with worse prognosis in metastatic breast cancer. Article

> Claspin has potential as a biomarker for HPV (human papillomavirus) infection and HPV-related cervical lesions. Paper

> CD Diagnostics has raised almost $5 million to develop biomarker-based tests using joint fluid; the first test, for infection, is due to launch in August. Article

> Morrisville, NC-based Gentris is planning to collaborate with the Shanghai Institutes of Preventative Medicine to develop genomic biomarker projects in oncology, infectious disease and chronic disease, for drug development and personalized medicine. Press release

> Biomarkers could help to tailor treatment for patients with depression. Article

> Saliva biomarkers could predict lung cancer. Abstract

> MicroRNA-9 could mark breast cancer local recurrence and tumor estrogen receptor status. Abstract

> Aushon has launched its Cira multiplex protein biomarker platform. Press release

> The EU has awarded a €6 million ($7.5 million) grant to a team led by University of Twente in the Netherlands to develop the CTCtrap for detecting circulating tumor cells. Press release

And Finally… Voice changes could mark Parkinson's disease. Article