MedTrust Online, Avantra Biosciences partner; Johns Hopkins looks to license colorectal biomarkers;

> MedTrust Online and Avantra Biosciences have partnered to involve clinicians in the earliest stages of molecular diagnostic assay development for Avantra Biosciences' QPDx multiplex immunoassay system. The two companies will provide more than 10,000 cancer care professionals with early access to the latest panels of protein biomarkers implicated in different cancers, according to Pharmaceutical Business Review. Story

> Johns Hopkins has colorectal biomarkers available for licensing. Tweet with links

> Merck is looking for a new member to join its molecular biomarkers team. Job listing

> Pacific Biomarkers will host a Webinar on biomarkers for metabolic syndrome today at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. Pacific Biomarkers release

> Pronota has entered into an agreement with Molecuence, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical, to discover and validate protein biomarkers in stroke. Pronota release

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