Medtronic to present pivotal artificial pancreas data as late breaker at ADA

Medtronic ($MDT) will report pivotal data for its Hybrid Closed Loop system for Type 1 diabetes on June 12 at the American Diabetes Association conference in New Orleans, LA. The data have been long-awaited and are expected to provide the basis for a submission to the FDA before the end of June. If it makes it past the agency, the system would be the first approved artificial pancreas--a highly anticipated development that would enable patients with diabetes to monitor blood glucose and automatically medicate with insulin based upon that real-time data. Medtronic is hoping to launch the device next spring. "We are proud to be the first company to present results of a pivotal trial of a closed loop system, which is designed to automatically control glucose levels 24 hours a day with less input from patients, as we continue toward our goal of helping people with diabetes enjoy greater freedom and better health," said Dr. Francine Kaufman, CMO and VP of global, clinical and medical affairs for Medtronic Diabetes, in a statement. More