Medtronic's Ishrak predicts deeper payer/provider integration; Patients want their device implant data;

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> Even though many doctors now doubt the effectiveness of PSA tests to screen men for prostate cancer, they'll keep doing them because of patient preference, according to a new survey. Blog

> Medtronic ($MDT) CEO Omar Ishrak says he expects payer/provider integration in the U.S. healthcare system regardless of the Supreme Court ruling on the national health reform law. Story

> Scientists at Imperial College London and the University of Vigo have developed an ultra-sensitive diagnostic test designed to detect signs of a disease at its earlier stages. Release

> The FDA is planning a series of public forums for later this year to boost quality promotion for device manufacturers. Among the events planned is the agency's annual FDA Inspections Summit, from Sept. 19-21 in Bethesda, MD. Story

> Surgeons are increasingly using next-generation surgical robots to perform precise, detailed surgeries. Story

Biotech News

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> Insider accounts spur a reported bidding war for Amylin. Article

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Pharma News

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Pharma Manufacturing News

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Biotech IT News

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> 23andMe stakes a claim on Parkinson's gene. Item

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Biotech Research News

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And Finally... National Public Radio reports on efforts by patients with implants, like ICDs, to obtain data about their devices, how they are working and what the machines are picking up. Companies, such as Medtronic, say they are willing, but need to figure out how to format the raw data so it is useful and patients can understand it. Story