Medtronic loses bid to quash an antitrust lawsuit; Sequenom rises on news of Down syndrome test;

> Medtronic has lost a bid to quash an antitrust lawsuit accusing it of using unfair business practices to drive bone mill maker Lenox MacLaren Surgical out of business. News

> Shares of Sequenom jumped Friday after the diagnostic test maker said it completed testing samples from a clinical study of its SensiGene fetal Down syndrome test. Item

> The FDA has approved an expanded indication that will allow a new group of patients at risk of stroke due to clogged neck arteries to be treated with the RX Acculink carotid stent. FDA release

> Flexible Stenting Solutions, a developer of next generation peripheral arterial, venous, neurovascular and biliary stents, has announced a Series B investment by Goodman Co. Ltd. FSS release

> Minneapolis-based ad agency Marketing Architects has launched a business incubator targeting start-ups that hope to directly sell their products to consumers through television or radio ads. The agency is working with venture capital firm MACatalyst, and so far, there are five products ideas that have received funding from MACatalyst, says Katelin Johnson, brand manager for Marketing Architects. She declined to disclose the specific ideas, but said they range from home goods to medical devices. Item

> Matt Bulow spent his teenage nights putting ice and salve on the sore spot rubbed raw by an artificial limb, but now he's at the dawn of a new day in bionic technology. And as the owner of Bulow Biotech Prosthetics, he keeps pace with the latest innovations and helps other amputees get back in motion. Report

And Finally... Years ago, a physician pulled out a new type of glucose monitor for diabetic patients and showed it to Dr. Charles Wiedmeyer. "Wow, that would be great to put on a cat," he remarked. Wiedmeyer has since become a national advocate for using a device from Medtronic on diabetic dogs and cats. Even though the company's continuous glucose monitor is made for humans, Wiedmeyer says it adapts well to "companion animals." Story