Medtronic introduces new product for drawing bone marrow

Medtronic has launched its Marrowmax bone marrow aspiration needle kit in the U.S. The product, which will be marketed by the company's biologics business, provides a simple technique for aspirating marrow from patients by using a syringe. The marrow is then used to hydrate a synthetic bone graft, eliminating the need for a painful second surgery to harvest bone, according to a company release.

Most bone marrow aspiration needles contain a single hole at the end of the cannula, which is a hollow tube that allows marrow to travel into a syringe.  The multi-holed cannula feature of Marrowmax allows for simultaneous marrow draws at the same position, thus reducing aspiration time and the need for sometimes painful repositioning of the needle.  The product comes in three sizes for a variety of draw sites in the body.

 "We expect this innovation to enhance and complement our Biologics and bone grafting portfolio and allow our sales team to carry a complete set of tools to fit both surgeon and patient needs," said Neil Beals, VP of marketing for Medtronic Biologics, in a statement.

Medtronics' biologics and spine businesses are located in Memphis, TN. The two divisions employ around 1,500 people in that area, according to the Memphis Business Journal. Medtronic Biologics has a robust pipeline of other products, including sciatica and post-op pain therapies, the company notes.

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