Medtronic: CRT-Ds are a bargain

Medtronic ($MDT) is trying to convince you that cardiac resynchronization therapy devices (CRT-Ds) are a bargain. The Minnesota medical device giant released the results of an economic analysis of the RAFT trial that showed the implant is a cost-effective way to treat patients with mildly symptomatic heart failure. They found that the cost "per quality adjusted life year" using the company's device amounted to $33,025 for patients with New York Heart Association-designated Class II or III heart failure. That is compared to at least $50,000 for other serious chronic conditions, the company said. Medtronic released the analysis a month after the FDA granted an expanded indication for the company's CRT-D devices, allowing them to be used earlier in patients with--you guessed it--mildly symptomatic heart failure. Release